Enforcing conciliation agreements

Download the Enforcing conciliation agreements fact sheet (PDF File, 224.4 KB)

This information relates to complaints made to the Commission under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991.

Complaints under the Human Rights Act 2019 are not able to be lodged until after 1 January 2020. Complaints under the Human Rights Act will only be able to be made about alleged breaches which occur after 1 January 2020.

When a complaint can be resolved through conciliation at the Commission and an agreement is reached by all parties, it is written down, signed by all parties, and filed with the appropriate tribunal.

Work-related complaints are filed at the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission. All other complaints are filed at the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

The agreement is then binding on all parties, as if it is a court order.

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If either party does not comply with the agreement, you can enforce it as if it were an order of a Tribunal.

Find out more about enforcing tribunal orders from the QCAT website

You may also seek legal assistance to help you with enforcing an agreement in the courts.

Alternatively, the Queensland Law Society can refer you to a private lawyer.