For advocates

Download the For advocates fact sheet  (PDF File, 185.3 KB)

The Commission provides a complaint resolution service for complaints falling under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 and the Human Rights Act 2019.

This process is free, and a person does not need a lawyer to make a complaint. However, many people seek legal advice about making or responding to a complaint.

Complainants and respondents must request permission to have legal representation at conciliation conferences. This must be done in advance of the conciliation conference by contacting the conciliator either by phone or in writing.

The conciliator will decide whether to approve the inclusion of an advocate in the process by considering whether:

  • the attendance of the advocate/s will assist the resolution of the complaint;
  • the other parties will be represented; and
  • the advocates agree to participate in a way that will assist the resolution of the complaint.