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We are currently receiving a high volume of enquiries and complaints. As a result, there may be a delay in assessing your complaint after you have lodged it. Please be assured that we take every complaint seriously, and that we are working to deliver quality and timely services as best we can.

The online complaint form gathers the information necessary to ensure that your complaint can be assessed efficiently.

Your complaint will be submitted over a secure connection and a reference number will be provided to confirm that it has been received. The process allows you to review the form and print it.

The form has been designed to take you to the appropriate questions based upon your answers. This means that questions may not appear in a strict numerical sequence.

You can save your submission’s progress at any stage throughout the form. To do so you need to select the “Save and Exit” button located at the end of each page. You will be prompted to provide your email address and an email will then be sent with details of how to return to your submission to complete it. Your saved submission remains active for thirty days after which it will be deleted.

Everything you send us, including your address for service will be copied and sent to the people you are complaining about. If you don't want your details given out, contact the commission to discuss your options.

If you require any assistance please refer to the information provided at Making a complaint, or phone us on 1300 130 670, or email us at enquiries@qhrc.qld.gov.au.

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It is possible to lodge a compliant on behalf of someone else, for example a child over whom you have legal responsibility.

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