For employers

We understand that meeting the differing needs of employees can be a challenge for employers. Every workplace is different and employers sometimes need help to deal with issues that come up.

That's why we are committed to assisting employers to understand their rights and responsibilities, through a straight forward, common sense approach. We’ve developed some information and resources specifically for employers, to help prevent discrimination and harassment from occurring, respond effectively to issues that arise, and take practical steps to create fair and productive workplaces.

Our employer toolkit is designed to assist employers with setting out their commitment to tackle discrimination and sexual harassment, and to promote equality and diversity in areas such as recruitment, training and management. It contains checklists and sample policies on discrimination, sexual harassment and complaints, information about Equity Contact Officers (including a sample role description), tips for dealing with people making complaints or accused of discrimination and harassment, and information about record keeping, recruitment, liability, and other important rights and responsibilities.

Download our employer toolkit (PDF File, 1.5 MB)

Our small business handbook is a guide to preventing and managing discrimination and sexual harassment, and for promoting equality and diversity in areas such as recruitment, training and management. It also answers 20 questions that represent many of the issues smaller business owners face, and explains how small business owners can protect themselves and their business from claims of discrimination, while running a business that is inclusive and treats everybody fairly.

Download our Small Business Handbook (PDF File, 2.3 MB)

We have sample policies and position descriptions which can be downloaded here and modified to suit your particular workplace.

We’ve also developed some resources about making your workplace healthier and stronger.

If you need further information and support, we offer training about anti-discrimination law, handling complaints, training for Contact Officers, and more. We can also tailor training to the specific needs of your business or sector.

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