This page contains links to reports written by the Commission, or commissioned by us.

Women in prison reports

Prison wire 

Women in prison 2019: a human rights consultation report
This consultation focused on the law, policy, and practices pertaining to the detention of women in Queensland against the benchmark of international human rights standards.

Download the Women in prison 2019: a human rights consultation report (MS Word Document, 2.0 MB)

Download the Women in prison 2019: a human rights consultation report (PDF File, 2.2 MB)

Prison bars 

Women in prison report (2006)
The Commission conducted a review to research and consult on the treatment of women in Queensland prisons on the basis of gender, race, and disability.

Download the Women in prison report 2006 (MS Word Document, 1.9 MB)

Download the Women in prison report 2006 (PDF File, 1.2 MB)

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Health equity report

  Addressing institutional barriers to health equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Queensland's public hospital and health services
In partnership with the Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council (QAIHC), the Commission engaged Adrian Marrie (Bukal Consultancy Services Pty Ltd) to produce the report.

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Lockyer Valley report

Rural landscape at Lockyer Valley 

Start somewhere, go anywhere : how a community development approach worked in a government setting
Between 2013 and 2015, the Commission worked intensively with the Lockyer Valley community: building strong relationships with the community and key stakeholders, and helping them work together to tackle human rights concerns.

Download the Lockyer Valley report  (PDF File, 607.7 KB)

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Inclusive communities report

Graphib representation of buildings, houses, people and trees, and the words 'belonging, positive interactions, and equality'.  

Building inclusive communities: regional conversations about belonging
The Commission partnered with the Australian Human Rights Commission to host community conversations in Hervey Bay, the Sunshine Coast, and Townsville in February 2018.

Download the Inclusive communities report    (PDF File, 626.6 KB)

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