School documentation and records

Students have the right to alter their personal details, such as their gender and name, so that their correct name is reflected on school records for day-to-day use.

Official documents, such as academic, testing, and school medical records may use the student’s correct name upon their parents’ or caregivers’ request, or at their own request if the student is old enough and capable of making decisions of that nature.

As the majority of students are under the age of 18, it is difficult (or sometimes impossible) for them to legally change their name on primary legal documents, such as their passport or birth certificate, without parental consent. Therefore, requiring a student to legally change their identity documents prior to changing school records could amount to discrimination. Parental disapproval should not prevent day-to-day use of the student’s correct name and pronoun. However, this situation will need careful management by school administration, especially if the student has not disclosed their gender identity to one or both parents.

It is particularly important for a former student who is seeking employment after finishing school to have their name and gender accurately reflected on school records.

Past students should be able to retrospectively change their details on school records if they have officially changed the record of their gender with the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages, or alternatively their passport or drivers licence. This is particularly important for school-leavers who may need to rely on school records to obtain employment.

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