Case studies

This case studies page provides summaries of outcomes from a selection of complaints made to the Commission that have been decided by tribunals or courts, or resolved through the conciliation process.

The case studies are provided as a guide to the range of outcomes that can be achieved, the types of issues raised, and to assist people involved in complaints to prepare for conciliation.

When a case has been decided by a court or tribunal, the decision has been made after listening to all the evidence from both sides and considering the law. These decisions may be used as a guide in matters decided by the courts and tribunals.

When a case has been resolved through the Commission's conciliation process, the parties have resolved the complaint privately, by agreement, after talking about the issues with the help of a conciliator. These agreements are not used by the courts or tribunals as a guide.

The case studies should not be treated as legal advice. If you need advice about likely outcomes relating to a complaint you are involved in, you should seek independent legal advice from a lawyer.


Other contraventions:

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