Your rights

In Queensland, there are two main pieces of legislation which help protect your rights. They are the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991, and the Human Rights Act 2019.

The Anti-Discrimination Act protects people in Queensland from discrimination based on 16 attributes, or characteristics, including race, age, and sex. It outlines the areas where discrimination is unlawful – like at work, at school or university – and also prohibits other behaviours including vilification and sexual harassment. Complaints about matters under the Anti-Discrimination Act can be made to us at the Commission.

The Human Rights Act protects twenty-three human rights for every person in Queensland. It requires laws to be made and interpreted in a way that is compatible with the rights protected under the Act. It also obligates the public sector to make decisions and act in a way that is compatible with these rights. From 1 January 2020, complaints under the Human Rights Act may be made to us at the Commission. Complaints will only be able to be made about a public entity, and only about actions or decisions which are made after 1 January 2020.