For employers

We understand that meeting the differing needs of employees can be a challenge for employers. Every workplace is different and employers sometimes need help to deal with issues that come up.

That's why we are committed to assisting employers to understand their rights and responsibilities, through a straight forward, common sense approach. We’ve developed some information and resources specifically for employers, to help prevent discrimination and harassment from occurring, respond effectively to issues that arise, and take practical steps to create fair and productive workplaces.

Employers who are also a public entity have responsibilities under the Queensland Human Rights Act 2019. Find out more public entities and their obligations under the Human Rights Act here.

Employers in any industry or sector have specific responsibilities under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991. 

Discrimination can cost businesses time and money, damage morale, reduce productivity and undermine business reputation, but there are also legal obligations on employers to provide workplaces free from discrimination, sexual harassment, victimisation and vilification.

If you need further information and support, we offer training on anti-discrimination law, handling complaints, training for Contact Officers, and more. We can also tailor training to the specific needs of your business or sector.