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Please note that any complaint lodged with us here at the Commission is confidential. We cannot provide any details about any complaint at any stage of proceedings. Conciliations are a civil matter, not a hearing or a tribunal; they are not publicly listed and are not open to observers. The Commission is an impartial third party during conciliations, and does not make rulings about whether contraventions of the Anti-Discrimination Act or the Human Rights Act have taken place. If a complaint is unable to be resolved by our conciliators, it may proceed to a tribunal hearing if the complainant wishes. Tribunal hearings are public.

Media releases


Published on Media release
28.05.2020Commission urges strong consultation with Indigenous communities to find workable, fair and locally driven COVID-19 protections
17.02.2020New resources to support trans and gender diverse students at school
31.01.2020Commission warns against discriminatory behaviour as coronavirus fears rise


Published on Media release
23.10.2019Council ban on Extinction Rebellion may contravene anti-discrimination laws
11.10.2019Protest laws have not been justified
14.05.2019 Four Corners program on children being held in watch houses in Queensland
06.03.2019 Women in Prison report
27.02.2019 Human Rights Act


Published on Media release
04.12.2018 Audit find high level of institutional racism in Queensland's health system, but experts hopeful of brighter future
01.11.2018 Working in partnership to address institutional barriers to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health equity
05.09.2018 New Commissioner announced
17.08.2018 Commissioners reject racist policies


Published on Media release
24.11.2017 Call for human rights protections on Manus Island
16.11.2017 Yes vote for marriage equality
27.10.2017 ACHRA Communique October 2017
04.07.2017 25th anniversary of Mabo decision celebrate at QPAC
05.05.2017 ACHRA Communique April 2017