Trans @ Work

A guide for trans employees, their employers, and colleagues

This information is for trans and gender diverse employees, their employers, managers and colleagues who are seeking guidance on issues associated with transitioning at work. We suggest ways to:

  • work together the achieve a successful transition in the workplace;
  • address pre-employment issues; and
  • provide ongoing support to trans employees.

Download our Trans @ Work resource (PDF File, 18.0 MB) .

Why is a trans inclusive workplace important?

For the employee:

  • staying in employment;
  • maintaining self-respect;
  • having financial security.

For the employer:

  • improving staff satisfaction and retention through modern, inclusive workplace policies;
  • enhancing public image of the organisation;
  • reaching new client groups;
  • improving teamwork and increasing productivity;
  • complying with state and federal discrimination legislation, including the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (Qld).

Download our Trans @ Work resource (PDF File, 18.0 MB) .

We also offer training for workplaces on gender identity and discrimination, to provide additional support for businesses and organisations with trans employees. Find out more about our training packages here or contact our training team to discuss your workplace's needs.